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Taste of Vermont

Hi everyone! I am super excited to share a fun project I did with Travel Mindset and Vermont Tourism. Since the pandemic has us all staying home this summer, it was amazing to receive a package full of tasty goodies from Vermont. I highly recommend visiting Vermont when it is safer to travel. Visiting Vermont has been on my list for quite some time and I am happy to get a taste of their offerings right in the comfort of my own home.

Here is a breakdown of my taste of Vermont:

Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream

Sister’s of Anarchy Ice Cream was my favorite! I had to create an ice cream sundae board with all the ingredients I received. Their ice cream is super creamy and the flavors are all on point and so cleverly named. I tried Dirty Ann (raspberries and chocolate), I Want Candy With Chocolate (peppermint with chocolate chunks), Respect Your Elders (elderberry), Chocolate Anarchy, Raspberry Beret, and Crystal Blue Persuasion (blueberries). My favorite was the Dirty Ann—very decadent and comforting. You can order their ice cream online and at the Fisher Brothers farm stand in Vermont during the summer.

Nomadic Kitchen Confections

One of my favorite ice cream toppings is marshmallow fluff so I was super excited to see Nomadic Kitchen’s marshmallows. I tried the toasty vanilla marshmallow and the dulce de leche marshmallows. They all have the perfect fluffy texture. I wish I had a blowtorch so I could toast the marshmallows on top of the ice cream too! And bonus: Nomadic Kitchen’s marshmallows are naturally gluten-free.

Vermont Nut Free

Vermont Nut Free produce wonderfully delicious treats that are 100% peanut and tree nut free. I got to try their chocolate bars (crispy, milk, and dark chocolate), TANABAR granola bars (triple berries, chocolate chip, and sweet raisin), and their milk chocolate covered mini twist pretzels. My favorite was the chocolate covered pretzels! Such a nice combination of sweet and salty. The chocolate bars melt in your mouth and I’m shocked the granola bars are peanut and nut free. I crumbled the granola bars over our ice cream sundaes and topped them with pieces of the pretzels and chocolate bars.

Eden Ciders

Lastly, I paired our ice cream sundaes with yummy harvest cider from Eden Ciders. Their ciders are super fruity yet not overly sweet. They press apples close to harvest for peak flavor. I also got to try their Brut Nature champagne and their Imperial 11 degree Rose all made with cider. A perfect treat with the ice cream sundaes!

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