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Re-introducing myself… Hi!

Hello, world! (Anyone out there?)

It’s been about 2 months and half since I published Between Balloons officially on the web. Since I did it on a whim and while on my flight to New York in March, I never formally introduced myself. My name is Michael and I’m… a blogger? It’s nearly midnight as I’m writing this and I had a lot of time this past week to reflect on what this blog means to me and what I want to see it evolve into. I realized one major thing: my personality and identity is barely represented on my own blog. Anonymity was something I wanted to incorporate into Between Balloons but I realize now that it is actually not how I want to connect with you all. I am passionate about exploring what this world has to offer: travel, family, food, friends, love, and everything in between. I’d like to share these aspects of my life using this space I have. It’s also important that I portray my life as authentic as possible. No filters unless it’s a VSCO filter!

So how have things been since Between Balloons started more than two months ago? Firstly, thank you Jet Blue for having free wifi on board their flights. On my way to New York, a spark went off in my head and I just felt like it was finally a right time to share my passion project with anyone willing to see. My second time in New York was incredible and I got to do a lot of stuff I wanted to do. I can’t wait to go back!

Immediately off the bat, all my friends and family were super supportive of my blogging endeavors. A shout out to Eric for making me realize that my dream of being a blogger was realistic and to go for it. I had many reservations starting this blog and still do, but I keep trying to tell myself that this is not going to be perfect from the start. This blog will keep evolving, changing, and growing as I do.

I have been quite active on my Instagram page. If you don’t already, please give it a follow here. I’ve started my photo project, #BetweenBalloons, and I’m excited to keep adding to it. Instagram has also given me a chance to attend a few media previews for local businesses in the Bay Area. They have been a blast to attend and have given me a chance to try some great food and drinks. I even get the opportunity to connect to other incredible bloggers on social media.

Let’s see… what else? Last month, my friends and I had our first ever Coachella music festival experience. It was a pretty unforgettable experience and we cannot wait to attend again next year. The amazing performances, delicious food, extraordinary company, and overall atmosphere made the burning heat bearable!

That’s about it for this life update. I am excited for what’s to come. In the next few months, I have trips to Napa, Austin, DC/Virginia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe. It’s going to be a nonstop summer and I’m ready! My friends and I even have an international trip towards the end of the year to Amsterdam and London.

Thank you to everyone who’s spared a moment to visit this blog and continue to come back. I will be posting more content that I think most people would find helpful. I plan on blogging about my day to day life more. Big things are coming. Much love.




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