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Top 8 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Vancouver

My first time in Vancouver and I’m happy with the amount of food we tried! Looking back, I wish we tried more of the fresh seafood that Vancouver has to offer. We visited a good portion of the city, including China Town, Granville Island Public Market (a must!!), etc. We were planning to go to the Night Market in the summer, but didn’t get a chance! Regardless, I have compiled a list of my favorite Vancouver eats– both tasty and photogenic! Do you have a favorite that I should check out next time I’m in the city? Please let me know in a comment below!

1.) Birds & the Beets

Why we love it: Birds & the Beets was located near our Airbnb and we had to stop by for a quick brunch in the morning. The cute interior and friendly staff really make you feel at home. You order at the front area and find a seat.

What to order: Avocado toast with poached egg! I love when the avocado is smashed as opposed to just avocado slices. Such a great snack before starting your Vancouver adventures.

2.) Liberty Bakery

Why we love it: Liberty is such a cute cafe with helpful staff and such yummy pastries! The indoor seating is so cozy and a perfect stop for refueling. Plus, pink millennial tables!

What to order: That Totoro cookie!

3.) Konbiniya Market

Why we love it: Konbiniya Market sells ice cream treats at their cute little window at the front of the market. Remember it’s cash only! (They do accept USD, but it’s 1 USD = 1 CAD)

What to order: Matcha soft serve and matcha parfait. Buy some more treats in the market if there’s a long line!

4.) Marutama Ramen

Why we love it: I have a weird thing about finding ramen in each city I visit. Vancouver doesn’t lack a good ramen shop with Marutama around!

What to order: Cha Shu Ramen and Tamago! Look at those pork fillets! I don’t see a lot of tamago in ramen restaurants so that was very refreshing!

5.) Nelson the Seagull

Why we love it: Nelson the Seagull is a great space with lots of seating and beautiful decor. If I lived in Vancouver, you would definitely find me doing some solo work here.

What to order: Avocado toast with poached egg and picnic board. Perfect for sharing between three people!

6.) Cha Le Tea Cafe

Why we love it: We stumbled into Cha Le Tea Cafe while waiting for another spot to open. The beautiful interior caught our eyes and we had to stop in to check out what they had to offer. We had a nice chat with the worker and it was a great spontaneous stop during our trip.

What to order: The matcha avocado and shrimp toast was definitely unique! Anything matcha here is yum!

7.) Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Why we love it: I always find an ice cream shop while on vacation and Mister is walking distance from Cha Le Tea Cafe! They serve liquid nitrogen ice cream.

What to order: Coconut Ash and Vietnamese Coffee in charcoal cones! It looks like Mister switches up the flavors a lot but I would also try the creme brûlée flavors next time!

8.) Guu with Garlic

Why we love it: Guu with Garlic is a great late night meal! And it was one of the few chances we got to eat some seafood from Vancouver! It’s fun to eat Japanese style on the floor here and makes it an unique experience!

What to order: Kabocha Croquette and the carpaccio were memorable! Definitely order as much sashimi as you can! We went too late for uni.

8 Instagram Worthy places to eat in Vancouver.



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