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Eat Drink SF 2018 Recap

Hi, everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic end to the summer. Did anyone attend Eat Drink SF this past weekend at the Fort Mason center? For those of you who don’t know, Eat Drink SF is an annual food festival that hosts local Bay Area restaurants and businesses. Attendees can attend four different grand tastings throughout the weekend to taste small bites from different food and drink vendors. There are also fun demonstrations from chefs, games, and you also get the opportunity to meet local chefs at their booths.

I attended the grand tasting on Saturday afternoon and I had an absolute blast! If there is one food festival that you should attend in the Bay Area, it is Eat Drink SF. The quality and diversity of the participating vendors is well worth the admission fee (this year general admission tickets were $129 and VIP tickets were $229). I highly recommend the VIP experience as you get access to a dozen more vendors plus early access and private bathrooms.

Now on to the food…

My favorite vendors were E&O, Roka Akor, Dragon Beaux, M.Y. China, Ginger Elizabeth, Ramen Bar, and Left Bank Brasserie. E&O served delicious duck buns that drew a huge line to their booth. Roka Akor served yellowtail sashimi and it was delicious! I wanted to come back for seconds but we got so full after our first round visiting all the food vendors. Dragon Beaux and M.Y. China cured my dim sum cravings with dumplings and shumai. Ramen Bar served delicious lobster noodles in the VIP section. Left Bank Brasserie served a unique truffle chicken liver mousse that got all of saying “yum!” out loud. I’ve been meaning to try Ginger Elizabeth as well and her macarons had me coming back for more. I didn’t try many alcoholic beverages but there were a ton of different drink vendors.

Other big highlights were the main stage programming demonstrations. We attended the Top Chef reunion with Tu David Phu, Melissa Perfit, and Rogelio Garcia. I don’t watch that show, but their fun personalities and delicious food prompted me to find a way to watch their season of Top Chef. They all seemed down to earth and I particularly identified with Chef Tu David Phu who is of Vietnamese descent. After that showcase, we stuck around to watch 12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani do his thing. His entrance was so fun– he even tossed pizza dough to the audience and gave quite the performance (Check out my story highlights on my Instagram page to see me catching pizza dough!) I’ve been meaning to try his pizza shop and the preview we got has intensified that desire.

Final thoughts: Eat Drink SF is the food event of the season. If you consider yourself a foodie or if you like trying diverse dishes in an “all you can eat” fashion, I would recommend attending the event next year. VIP is worth the price considering you get 45 minute early access and access to more premium vendors. Lines do build up and vendors can run out of food quickly. Find out more information for next year’s event at Eat Drink SF’s website and Instagram.

Thank you, Eat Drink SF, for sponsoring my VIP ticket for this event. I can’t wait for Eat Drink SF 2019!

Featured photo credit: Marc Fiorito, Gamma Nine Photography



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